1   The S-matrix Bootstrap III: Higher Dimensional Amplitudes
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2   Marginal deformations of 3d N $$ \mathcal{N} $$ = 4 linear quiver theories
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Journal of High Energy Physics
3   Space test of the Equivalence Principle: first results of the MICROSCOPE mission
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4   Exact holographic RG flows and the A1 × A1 Toda chain
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5   The analytic functional bootstrap. Part II. Natural bases for the crossing equation
 Dalimil Mazáč, Miguel Fernandes Paulos
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6   The analytic functional bootstrap. Part I: 1D CFTs and 2D S-matrices
 Dalimil Mazáč, Miguel Fernandes Paulos
Journal of High Energy Physics
7   Basso-Dixon Correlators in Two-Dimensional Fishnet CFT
 Sergei Derkachov, Vladimir Kazakov, Enrico Olivucci
Journal of High Energy Physics
8   Bootstrap approach to geometrical four-point functions in the two-dimensional critical $Q$-state Potts model: A study of the $s$-channel spectra
 Jesper Lykke Jacobsen, Hubert Saleur
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9   ABJM flux-tube and scattering amplitudes
 Benjamin Basso, Andrei V. Belitsky
10   Asymptotic Four Point Functions
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11   A New Dual System For The Fundamental Units, including and going beyond the newly revised SI
 Pierre Fayet
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12   The Conformal Bootstrap: Theory, Numerical Techniques, and Applications
 David Poland, Slava Rychkov, Alessandro Vichi
Reviews of Modern Physics
13   Circuit Complexity and 2D Bosonisation
 Dongsheng Ge, Giuseppe Policastro
14   Qualification of the ANET Code for Spallation Neutron Yield and Core Criticality in the KUCA ADS
 Xenofontos Thalia, Panayiota Savva, Melpomeni Varvayanni, Jacques Maillard, Jorge Silva, Marc-Thierry Jaekel, Nicolas Catsaros
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15   The French Academy of Sciences and the systems of units: A long history!
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16   Topological Open/Closed String Dualities: Matrix Models and Wave Functions
 Sujay K. Ashok, Jan Troost
17   Massive AdS Supergravitons and Holography
 Constantin P. Bachas