1   Bootstrapping bulk locality. Part I: Sum rules for AdS form factors
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2   Primordial Magnetogenesis in the Two-Higgs-doublet Model
 María Olalla Olea-Romacho
3   Non-perturbative topological string theory on compact Calabi-Yau 3-folds
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4   Radiation back-reaction during dark-matter freeze-out via metastable bound states
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5   Gravitational action for a massive Majorana fermion in 2d quantum gravity
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6   Primordial black holes as dark matter: Interferometric tests of phase transition origin
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Journal of High Energy Physics
7   Analytic and numerical bootstrap for the long-range Ising model
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8   Large-N Principal Chiral Model in Arbitrary External Fields
 Vladimir Kazakov, Evgeny Sobko, Konstantin Zarembo
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9   First shot of the smoking gun: probing the electroweak phase transition in the 2HDM with novel searches for $A \to ZH$ in $\ell^+ \ell^- t \bar{t}$ and $\nu \nu b \bar{b}$ final states
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10   Instanton NDA and Applications to Axion Models
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11   The Operator Rings of Topological Symmetric Orbifolds and their Large N Limit
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12   Wilson Loop Duality and OPE for Super Form Factors of Half-BPS Operators
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13   Magnetogenesis with gravitational waves and primordial black hole dark matter
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