The team’s research themes are at the interface between soft matter, fluid dynamics and nanosciences. It combines experiments, theory and numerical modelling to explore transport mechanisms at the interfaces, from macroscopic to molecular scales. Her recent activities focus in particular on nano-fluidic transport in nanopores, nanotubes, 2D materials, and aim to highlight the sometimes exotic properties of transport at these ultimate scales. She also explores mechanical properties at nanoscale using atomic force microscopes specifically developed in the laboratory. The unexpected phenomena that emerge at these scales make it possible to explore new avenues in the fields of energy and desalination. A start-up company, Sweetch Energy, has emerged from the team’s work in these subjects.
The team finally has a strong interest in the physics of everyday life and is currently leading a collaboration on the themes of skiing and waxing with the French biathlon team and Martin Fourcade.


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, Physical Review Letters (2023)

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