I am interested in a disparate set of topics in theoretical physics and its interdisciplinary applications. A central field of my research is statistical physics of classical and quantum systems, in particular disordered systems. As for inter-disciplinary applications I am currently working on Machine Learning and Theoretical Ecology. Although all these subjects could seem quite apart one from the other—and indeed they are thematically—which makes working on them a lot of fun, they all have some common ingredients such as dynamics in high-dimensional spaces, strong relationships with advanced modern methods in probability theory, and glassy behaviors.


Office GH215

Email giulio.biroli@ens.fr

Laboratoire de physique
de l’Ecole normale supérieure
24 rue Lhomond 75005 PARIS

Research Interests 

  • Slow dynamics of classical and quantum systems 
  • Disordered systems, classical and quantum glasses, random matrices and their applications  
  • Machine learning and high-dimensional statistics  
  • Emergent behaviours in large and interacting  ecosystems  

PhDs, internships and postdocs openings

Motivated and brilliant candidates are always welcome. Currently, I have open positions for one postdoc in “Statistical Physics of Disordered Systems and Glassy Dynamics”, and one postdoc in “Machine Learning & Statistical Physics”. 


Teaching and Summer Schools

Research Networks and Synergetic Activities