1   Kinetic study of membrane protein interactions: from three to two dimensions
 Vladimir Adrien, Nicolas Taulier, Alice Verchère, Laura Monlezun, Martin Picard, Arnaud Ducruix, Isabelle Broutin, Frédéric Pincet, Wladimir Urbach
Scientific Reports


2   A model for collagen secretion by intercompartmental continuities
 Louis Bunel, Lancelot Pincet, Vivek Malhotra, Ishier Raote, Frédéric Pincet
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
3   Membrane Tubulation with a Biomembrane Force Probe
 Lancelot Pincet, Frédéric Pincet
4   Acoustic droplet vaporization of perfluorohexane emulsions is induced by heterogeneous nucleation at an ultrasonic frequency of 1.1 MHz
 R. Ramesh, C. Thimonier, S. Desgranges, V. Faugeras, F. Coulouvrat, J. Laurent, G. Marrelec, C. Contino-Pépin, W. Urbach, C. Tribet, Nicolas Taulier
5   Synaptophysin Chaperones the Assembly of 12 SNAREpins under each Ready-Release Vesicle
 Manindra Bera, Abhijith Radhakrishnan, Jeff Coleman, R. Venkat K. Sundaram, Sathish Ramakrishnan, Frederic Pincet, James Rothman
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
6   Diacylglycerol-dependent hexamers of the SNARE-assembling chaperone Munc13-1 cooperatively bind vesicles
 Feng Li, Kirill Grushin, Jeff Coleman, Frederic Pincet, James Rothman
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
7   Direct determination of oligomeric organization of integral membrane proteins and lipids from intact customizable bilayer
 Aniruddha Panda, Fabian Giska, Anna Duncan, Alexander Welch, Caroline Brown, Rachel Mcallister, Parameswaran Hariharan, Jean Goder, Jeff Coleman, Sathish Ramakrishnan, Frédéric Pincet, Lan Guan, Shyam Krishnakumar, James Rothman, Kallol Gupta
Nature Methods
8   The Get1/2 insertase forms a channel to mediate the insertion of tail-anchored proteins into the ER
 Paul Heo, Jacob A Culver, Jennifer Miao, Frederic Pincet, Malaiyalam Mariappan
Cell Reports
9   Turbocharging synaptic transmission
 James Rothman, Kirill Grushin, Manindra Bera, Frederic Pincet
FEBS Letters


10   Actuating tension-loaded DNA clamps drives membrane tubulation
 Longfei Liu, Qiancheng Xiong, Chun Xie, Frederic Pincet, Chenxiang Lin
Science Advances
11   The beginning and the end of SNARE‐induced membrane fusion
 Delphine Mion, Louis Bunel, Paul Heo, Frédéric Pincet
FEBS Open Bio
12   How to best estimate the viscosity of lipid bilayers
 Vladimir Adrien, Gamal Rayan, Ksenia Astafyeva, Isabelle Broutin, Martin Picard, Patrick Fuchs, Wladimir Urbach, Nicolas Taulier
Biophysical Chemistry


13   Vesicle capture by membrane-bound Munc13-1 requires selfassembly into discrete clusters
 Feng Li, Venkat Kalyana Sundaram, Alberto T Gatta, Jeff Coleman, Sathish Ramakrishnan, Shyam S Krishnakumar, Frederic Pincet, James E Rothman
FEBS Letters
14   Munc13 binds and recruits SNAP25 to chaperone SNARE complex assembly
 Ramalingam Venkat Kalyana Sundaram, Huaizhou Jin, Feng Li, Tong Shu, Jeff Coleman, Jie Yang, Frederic Pincet, Yongli Zhang, James E Rothman, Shyam S Krishnakumar
FEBS Letters
15   Nascent fusion pore opening monitored at single-SNAREpin resolution
 Paul Heo, Jeff Coleman, Jean-Baptiste Fleury, James Rothman, Frederic Pincet
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
16   Cooperation of conical and polyunsaturated lipids to regulate initiation and processing of membrane fusion
 Claire François-Martin, Amélie Bacle, James E Rothman, Patrick Fuchs, Frederic Pincet
Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences
17   Molecular Study of Ultrasound-Triggered Release of Fluorescein from Liposomes
 Fatima El Hajj, Patrick F. J. Fuchs, Wladimir Urbach, Mohammad Nassereddine, Salah Hamieh, Nicolas Taulier


18   Freezing and piercing of in vitro asymmetric plasma membrane by α-synuclein
 Paul Heo, Frédéric Pincet
Communications Biology
19   Synaptotagmin-1 membrane binding is driven by the C2B domain and assisted cooperatively by the C2A domain
 Clémence Gruget, Oscar Bello, Jeff Coleman, Shyam S Krishnakumar, Eric Perez, James E Rothman, Frederic Pincet, Stephen H Donaldson
Scientific Reports
20   TANGO1 membrane helices create a lipid diffusion barrier at curved membranes
 Ishier Raote, Andreas M Ernst, Felix Campelo, James E Rothman, Frédéric Pincet, Vivek Malhotra
21   Liquid–liquid phase separation of the Golgi matrix protein GM130
 Aleksander A Rebane, Pascal Ziltener, Lauren C Lamonica, Antonia H Bauer, Hong Zheng, Iván López‐montero, Frederic Pincet, James E Rothman, Andreas M Ernst
FEBS Letters
22   Ultrasound-triggered delivery of paclitaxel encapsulated in an emulsion at low acoustic pressures
 N. Al Rifai, S. Desgranges, D. Le Guillou-Buffello, A. Giron, W. Urbach, M. Nassereddine, J. Charara, C. Contino-Pépin, N. Taulier
Journal of materials chemistry‎ B


23   Highly Reproducible Physiological Asymmetric Membrane with Freely-Diffusing Embedded Proteins in a 3D-Printed Microfluidic Setup
 Paul Heo, Sathish Ramakrishnan, Jeff Coleman, James Rothman, Jean‐baptiste Fleury, Frederic Pincet
24   Highly Reproducible Physiological Asymmetric Membrane with Freely Diffusing Embedded Proteins in a 3D‐Printed Microfluidic Setup
 Paul Heo, Sathish Ramakrishnan, Jeff Coleman, James E Rothman, Jean‐baptiste Fleury, Frédéric Pincet
25   JUNO, the receptor of sperm IZUMO1, is expressed by the human oocyte and is essential for human fertilisation
 Camille Jean, Farhad Haghighirad, Yinying Zhu, Myriam Chalbi, Ahmed Ziyyat, Eric Rubinstein, Christine Gourier, Patrick Yip, Jean-Philippe Wolf, Jeffrey E Lee, Claude Boucheix, Virginie Barraud-Lange
Human Reproduction
26   Synaptotagmin oligomers are necessary and can be sufficient to form a Ca 2+ -sensitive fusion clamp
 Sathish Ramakrishnan, Manindra Bera, Jeff Coleman, Shyam S Krishnakumar, Frédéric Pincet, James E Rothman
FEBS Letters
27   Anisotropic cellular forces support mechanical integrity of the Stratum Corneum barrier
 Shuo Guo, Yegor Domanov, Mark Donovan, Bertrand Ducos, Yves Pomeau, Christine Gourier, Eric Perez, Gustavo S. Luengo
Journal of the mechanical behavior of biomedical materials
28   SNARE Machinery is optimized for ultra-fast fusion
 Fabio Manca, Frédéric Pincet, Lev Truskinovsky, James E Rothman, Lionel Foret, Matthieu Caruel
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
29   SNAREpin Assembly: Kinetic and Thermodynamic Approaches
 Feng Li, Frédéric Pincet