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3   Published for SISSA by Springer Analytic functional bootstrap for CFTs in d > 1
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5   Small-time expansion of the Fokker–Planck kernel for space and time dependent diffusion and drift coefficients
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6   Lie Algebra Fermions
 Jan Troost
7   Energy Reflection and Transmission at 2D Holographic Interfaces
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8   Twisted String Theory in Anti-de Sitter Space
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9   Liouville Quantum Gravity
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11   The Topological Symmetric Orbifold
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12   Double-Scaling Limit in the Principal Chiral Model: A New Noncritical String?
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14   Marginal deformations of 3d N $$ \mathcal{N} $$ = 4 linear quiver theories
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Journal of High Energy Physics
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18   The analytic functional bootstrap. Part II. Natural bases for the crossing equation
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Journal of High Energy Physics
19   The French Academy of Sciences and the systems of units: A long history!
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23   Massive AdS Supergravitons and Holography
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24   Asymptotic Four Point Functions
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25   A New Dual System For The Fundamental Units, including and going beyond the newly revised SI
 Pierre Fayet
Comptes Rendus Physique