1   Entanglement enhanced metrology with quantum many-body scars
 Shane Dooley, Silvia Pappalardi, John Goold
2   Quantum bounds on the generalized Lyapunov exponents
 Silvia Pappalardi, Jorge Kurchan
3   Time-reparametrization invariances, multithermalization and the Parisi scheme
 Jorge Kurchan
SciPost Phys.Core


4   Sparse hard-disk packings and local Markov chains
 Philipp Höllmer, Nicolas Noirault, Botao Li, A. C. Maggs, Werner Krauth
Journal of Statistical Physics
5   Mean field versus random-phase approximation calculation of the energy of an impurity immersed in a spin-1/2 superfluid
 A. Bigué, F. Chevy, X. Leyronas
Physical Review A
6   The distance between the two BBM leaders
 Julien Berestycki, Éric Brunet, Cole Graham, Leonid Mytnik, Jean-Michel Roquejoffre, Lenya Ryzhik
7   Wave Packet Dynamics in Synthetic Non-Abelian Gauge Fields
 Mehedi Hasan, Chetan Sriram Madasu, Ketan D. Rathod, Chang Chi Kwong, Christian Miniatura, Frederic Chevy, David Wilkowski
Physical Review Letters
8   Low temperature quantum bounds on simple models
 Silvia Pappalardi, Jorge Kurchan
SciPost Physics
9   Krylov complexity in saddle-dominated scrambling
 Budhaditya Bhattacharjee, Xiangyu Cao, Pratik Nandy, Tanay Pathak
Journal of High Energy Physics
10   Annealed averages in spin and matrix models
 Laura Foini, Jorge Kurchan
SciPost Physics


11   Functionals of fractional Brownian motion and the three arcsine laws
 Kay Joerg Wiese, Tridib Sadhu
Physical Review E
12   Quasiparticle kinetic theory for Calogero models
 Vir Bannerjee Bulchandani, Manas Kulkarni, Joel E Moore, Xiangyu Cao
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical
13   Event-Chain Monte Carlo: Foundations, Applications, and Prospects
 Werner Krauth
Frontiers in Physics
14   Mean-Field Theories for Depinning and their Experimental Signatures
 Cathelijne ter Burg, Kay Joerg Wiese
Physical Review E
15   Level Set Percolation in the Two-Dimensional Gaussian Free Field
 Xiangyu Cao, Raoul Santachiara
Physical Review Letters
16   Comment on “Chaotic-Integrable Transition in the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev Model”
 Jaewon Kim, Xiangyu Cao
Physical Review Letters
17   Dirac fast scramblers
 Jaewon Kim, Ehud Altman, Xiangyu Cao
Physical Review B
18   Origin and limit of the recovery of damaged information by time reversal
 Xiangyu Cao, Thomas Scaffidi
Physical Review A
19   Complex complex landscapes
 Jaron Kent-Dobias, Jorge Kurchan
Physical Review Research
20   Quantum Kolmogorov-Sinai entropy and Pesin relation
 Tomer Goldfriend, Jorge Kurchan
Physical Review Research
21   A statistical mechanism for operator growth
 Xiangyu Cao
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical


22   Universal force correlations in an RNA-DNA unzipping experiment
 Kay Joerg Wiese, Mathilde Bercy, Lena Melkonyan, Thierry Bizebard
Physical Review Research
23   Application of irreversible Monte Carlo in realistic long-range systems
 Liang Qin
24   Extreme events for fractional Brownian motion with drift: Theory and numerical validation
 Maxence Arutkin, Benjamin Walter, Kay Joerg Wiese
Physical Review E
25   Sampling first-passage times of fractional Brownian Motion using adaptive bisections
 Benjamin Walter, Kay Joerg Wiese
Physical Review E : Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics
26   High-precision numerical solution of the Fermi polaron problem and large-order behavior of its diagrammatic series
 Kris van Houcke, Felix Werner, Riccardo Rossi
Physical Review B
27   Duality and hidden equilibrium in transport models
 Rouven Frassek, Cristian Giardina, Jorge Kurchan
SciPost Physics
28   JeLLyFysh-Version1.0 -a Python application for all-atom event-chain Monte Carlo
 Philipp Höllmer, Liang Qin, Michael F Faulkner, A C Maggs, Werner Krauth
Computer Physics Communications
29   Span observables - "When is a foraging rabbit no longer hungry?
 Kay Joerg Wiese
Journal of Statistical Physics
30   Quasi-integrable systems are slow to thermalize but may be good scramblers
 Tomer Goldfriend, Jorge Kurchan
Physical Review E
31   An exact mapping between loop-erased random walks and an interacting field theory with two fermions and one boson
 Assaf Shapira, Kay Joerg Wiese
SciPost Physics


32   Trion ground-state energy: Simple results
 Roland Combescot
Physical Review B: Condensed Matter and Materials Physics (1998-2015)
33   Depinning transition of charge-density waves: mapping onto $O(n)$ symmetric $\phi^4$ theory with $n\to -2$ and loop-erased random walks
 Kay Joerg Wiese, Andrei A. Fedorenko
Physical Review Letters
34   Fractal dimension of critical curves in the $O(n)$-symmetric $\phi^4$-model and crossover exponent at 6-loop order: Loop-erased random walks, self-avoiding walks, Ising, XY and Heisenberg models
 Mikhail Kompaniets, Kay Joerg Wiese
Physical Review E : Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics
35   Distribution of velocities in an avalanche, and related quantities: Theory and numerical verification
 Alejandro B. Kolton, Pierre Le Doussal, Kay Joerg Wiese
EPL - Europhysics Letters
36   Monte Carlo sampler of first-passage times for fractional Brownian motion using adaptive bisections : Source code
 Benjamin Walter, Kay Joerg Wiese
37   Equilibrium and dynamics of a multi-bath Sherrington–Kirkpatrick model
 Pierluigi Contucci, Jorge Kurchan, Emanuele Mingione
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical
38   A kinetic-Monte Carlo perspective on active matter
 Juliane U. Klamser, Sebastian C. Kapfer, Werner Krauth
Journal of Chemical Physics
39   Event-chain Monte Carlo with factor fields
 Ze Lei, Werner Krauth, A C Maggs
Physical Review E
40   First passage in an interval for fractional Brownian motion
 Kay Jörg Wiese
Physical Review E
41   Equilibration of quasi-integrable systems
 Tomer Goldfriend, Jorge Kurchan
Physical Review E
42   Behavior of random RNA secondary structures near the glass transition
 William D. Baez, Kay Jörg Wiese, Ralf Bundschuh
Physical Review E
43   Solid-liquid transition of skyrmions in a two-dimensional chiral magnet
 Yoshihiko Nishikawa, Koji Hukushima, Werner Krauth
Physical Review B: Condensed Matter and Materials Physics (1998-2015)
44   Few Versus Many-Body Physics of an Impurity Immersed in a Superfluid of Spin 1/2 Attractive Fermions
 M. Pierce, X. Leyronas, F. Chevy
Physical Review Letters
45   Diagrammatic Monte Carlo algorithm for the resonant Fermi gas
 K. van Houcke, Felix Werner, T. Ohgoe, N Prokofev, B. V Svistunov
Physical Review B: Condensed Matter and Materials Physics (1998-2015)
46   Field Theories for Loop-Erased Random Walks
 Kay Joerg Wiese, Andrei A. Fedorenko
Nuclear Physics B
47   Classical Glasses, Black Holes, and Strange Quantum Liquids
 Davide Facoetti, Giulio Biroli, Jorge Kurchan, David R. Reichman
48   Recombination Effects on Supernova Light Curves
 Tamar Faran, Tomer Goldfriend, Ehud Nakar, Re'Em Sari