Since its creation in 2019, the LPENS has been directed by Jean-Marc Berroir, also director of the physics department of the ENS. The laboratory’s executive committee is also composed of Jean-François Allemand (deputy director), Denis Bernard (deputy director) and Jean-Michel Isac (technical director and administrative manager of LPENS and the physics department of the ENS).
The LPENS management assistant is Laura Baron-Ledez. She is also in charge of the communication of the laboratory.


Administrative Services

The administrative services of the LPENS are under the responsibility of Jean-Michel Isac, technical director and administrative manager of the laboratory.
They include a Financial Management Department and a Human Resources Department.
The Financial Management Department is in charge of orders and missions as well as the management and justification of contracts. It is composed of 2 departments:
– the Lhomond division, headed by Anne Matignon, which manages teams 1 to 9
– the Erasmus division, headed by Nora Sadaoui, which manages teams 10 to 18
The Human Resources department, headed by Olga Hodges, is in charge of welcoming new entrants, updating databases and handling administrative formalities relating to non-permanent staff.

Financial Management, Lhomond division (teams 1 to 9)

Financial Management, Erasme division (teams 10 to 18)


The communication unit, placed under the direct responsibility of the LPENS director, works closely with the ENS and CNRS communication services to organize and carry out :
– internal communication on the life of the LPENS: websites, dynamic displays in the Entrance Hall, announcements of seminars and colloquiums, information on visitors to the laboratory, organization of exhibitions in the Entrance Hall, etc.
– external communication on the activities and scientific results of the LPENS: websites, publication of seminar announcements on SemParis, management of social networks, writing of newsletters in connection with the communication services of the supervising authorities, production of presentation brochures or highlights (with an editorial committee composed of some LPENS researchers).
– The department’s communication to students.

Experimental Science Library

The Library of Experimental Sciences (BSE), located at 29 rue d’Ulm in an area of more than 600 m², collects and manages the books and journals of the departments of physics, biology, chemistry, and geosciences.
The director of the BSE, Anne-Cécile Verzier, is a member of the LPENS.