LPENS is very involved in the dissemination and diffusion of scientific results and discoveries.
LPENS members have organized or co-organized the schools, conferences, workshops or mini-courses listed below.

Schools & recurring conferences

Beg-Rohu School of Statistical Physics

The Beg-Rohu School of Statistical and Condensed Matter Physics takes place every year at the end of June – beginning of July in Brittany.
See the school’s web page.

Organizer : Giulio Biroli

Statistical Physics Days

Statistical Physics Days bring together the French statistical physics community over two days, usually at the end of January.
They are hosted by the ENS.
See the web page of these days.

Organizer : Rémi Monasson

LPENS Summer Institute

This institute of theoretical physics, focused on high energy physics or gravity, close to the fundamental interactions axis, traditionally takes place at the physics department of the ENS over two weeks at the end of August.
See the web page.

Lectures in Statistical Field Theory

The Lectures in Statistical Field Theory are organised annually at the Galilieo Galilei Institute of Theoretical Physics in Florence (Italy) by a European consortium involving researchers from INFN-Florence, SISSA-Trieste, the Universities of Oxford, Amsterdam and Utrecht and LPENS.
See the web page.

Thematic schools, workshops, year by year