The Fundamental Interactions Axis studies the physics of fundamental interactions between elementary constituents of matter that we observe in terrestrial experiments (particle colliders, dark matter detectors, precision measurements) as well as in extreme astrophysical phenomena (the primordial universe, black holes). Our current understanding, based on the Standard Model of weak and strong interactions, and on Einstein’s General Relativity, is incomplete. For example, it does not explain the nature of matter and dark energy (96% of the energy total universe). Furthermore, Einstein’s theory is not compatible with the laws of quantum mechanics that govern the rest of elementary particle physics. Our goal is to advance knowledge of the fundamental laws of nature at the shortest distances and to reconcile quantum mechanics with gravity.
The axis Interactions fondamentales consists of a single team:
Fields, Gravitation and Strings.
  • The Fundamental Interactions Axis seminar is the “Rencontres Théoriciennes”, taking place on Wednesday mornings from 10:00 to 13:00, every two weeks.
  • Former members of the Fundamental Interactions Axis (Alumni) [to be completed].
  • Current or previous Ph.D. theses by  students of the Fundamental Interactions Axis [to be completed].