Job vacancies

Job Proposal

There are currently no vacancies at LPENS.

Post-doctoral contracts

Junior Research Chair at the Physics Department

The Labex ENS-ICFP appoints two or three new chairholders each year. Awardees are granted two-year postdoctoral positions with competitive salaries, travel funds as well as research allowances for experimentalists. The JRCs are appointed directly at the departmental level. The program aims at full integration of the JRCs into the department : a mentorship program is set up and JRC awardees participate in teaching.
More information can be found there.

Postdoctoral Position at the Philippe Meyer Institute for Theoretical Physics.

The Philippe Meyer Institute for theoretical physics aims at outstanding candidates at a post-doctoral level in theoretical physics with some experience at the international level. Appointments will be for two years with a possible extension for a third year. Salary is competitive, according to international experience and qualification.
The successful candidates will carry out theoretical physics research at the ENS physics department. For more information about the research in the Physics Department, please consult the website.

Other Postdoctoral Positions.

Depending on their grants, researchers and research teams at LPENS have various openings for post-doctoral positions. Look at their web-pages.

Doctoral contracts

Ph.D. Fellowships

The thesis offers of the LPENS teams, including funding opportunities, are listed on the sites of the doctoral schools, ED564, ED127, or ED397, to which LPENS is attached.
They can also be consulted on the pages of the research teams.


The research internship offers proposed at LPENS can be consulted on the pages of the research teams.