The research of the Statistical Physics Axis covers a variety of fundamental aspects of theoretical statistical physics, ranging from classical to quantum systems, and from equilibrium to out-of-equilibrium physics. These studies rely on both analytical and numerical methods, participate to the development of new phenomenological or methodological approaches, and are linked to experimental studies or to other scientific fields. The interdisciplinary aspects of this research find applications in mathematics, data science, cognitive science and biology.

The Statistical Physics Axis is composed of the following teams, all related thematically:
Random fields and out-of-equilibrium systems.
Statistical physics and inference for biology.
Disordered systems and applications.
Classical and quantum many-body systems.
The members of the Biophysics and Theoretical Neuroscience team are also affiliated to the group.

  • The seminar of the Statistical Physics Axis is  “The Statistical Physics Forum”, taking place at the ENS on Wednesdays from 12:00 to 13:30, in room Conf.IV (E244), roughly once every two weeks.
  • Former members of the Statistical Physics Axis (Alumni) [to be completed].
  • Current or previous Ph.D. thesis by students of the Statistical Physics Axis [to be completed].