PhD Offers

Quantum electrodynamics with carbon nanotubes

Sept. 2020 : Two PhD positions are available in the Nano-optics group about cavity quantum electrodynamics with nanoemitters and about pure dephasing processes in nano-emitters
Intership pure dephasing in nanostructures

Internship deep sub-wavelength optical cavity for single photon generation

Van der Waals heterostructures for infrared photodetection

July 2020 : A PhD position is available in the Nno-optics group about  PtSe2, PdSe2 and graphene based van der Waals hetero-structures  for ultrafast infrared photodetection

Transition metal dichalcogenide infrared photodetectors

Post-doc opportunities

Carbone nanotubes physico-chimistry

July 2020 : A postdoc position is available in the Nano-optics group about  spectroscopy and physico-chimistry of individual carbon nanotubes.

Internship offers

Licence et master 1 interships

Licence and Master 1 internship opportunities are regularly available. Please contact us.

Master 2 internships

Juillet 2020 :Several M2 internship proposals : see PhD proposals section.