The team aims to develop high-level research with technological and application content. The activities exploit the concepts of quantum mechanics, in particular in the field of light-matter interaction, to realize new opto-electronic devices. The main objective is the understanding and control of new quantum phenomena in materials of reduced dimensionality and suitable for “top-down” clean room manufacturing (semiconductors, 2D materials, metals and other materials related to nanotechnological processes). The devices realized are in the infrared (3-300 $\mu$m) and microwave range, portions of the electromagnetic spectrum with a high potential for applications and technology transfer. The work is organized in 3 directions – N-body quantum physics – Plasmonics and metamaterials – Photonics and infrared devices. The team is supported by an ENS-THALES Industrial Chair.

The personal webpages of the members of the team can be accessed on the directory.