The team is interested in problems of fluid and solid mechanics in contact with other disciplinary sub-fields: non-linear physics, instabilities, out-of-equilibrium statistical physics, physics of multi-scale systems, geomorphology, planetology, etc. The team’s work is based on the following topics: fluid and solid mechanics, non-linear physics, instability, out-of-equilibrium statistical physics, multi-scale systems physics, geomorphology, planetology, etc. Their resolution requires a transversal combination of laboratory experiments and theory or numerical simulations. For the years to come, the main lines of research will focus on the adhesion dynamics of cross-linked polymeric gels, on the wetting dynamics of heterogeneous substrates, on the mechanics of meta-materials, as well as on cohesive granular media and their application to the growth of planets. Although the team’s activity is about fundamental physics, collaborations with industry, geophysicists and the medical community give it an applied focus.