The activities of the team approach multiple goals:

To propose extensions of the Standard Model and Einstein’s theory and to calculate their experimental consequences for particle physics and cosmology. 

– To calculate detailed predictions of confirmed theories like Quantum Chromo Dynamics and General Relativity.

– To develop new mathematical tools to quantise gravity. We develop string theory as a theory of quantum gravity, and use it as a tool to study holography and quantum field theory.

– To extend our knowledge of quantum field theory with conformal or with super symmetry, using the conformal bootstrap as well as techniques borrowed from integrable systems.

These activities are related. For instance, string theory, a candidate theory of quantum gravity, has inspired new approaches to calculate QCD amplitudes for the LHC, gave rise to holographic dualities that give a new handle on strongly coupled quantum field theories, and has influenced multiple fields of mathematics. It has partially replaced quantum field theory as a theoretical laboratory and lies at the core of the activities of the team. 

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