1   Topological holography
 Songyuan Li
2   L'information quantique encodé en gravité semi-classique
 Dongsheng Ge
3   Thermodynamic Bethe Ansatz for Biscalar Conformal Field Theories in Any Dimension
 Benjamin Basso, Gwenaël Ferrando, Vladimir Kazakov, De-Liang Zhong
Physical Review Letters
4   The Origin of the Six-Gluon Amplitude in Planar $\mathcal{N}=4$ SYM
 Benjamin Basso, Lance J. Dixon, Georgios Papathanasiou
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5   The Functional Bootstrap for Boundary CFT
 Apratim Kaviraj, Miguel Fernandes Paulos
Journal of High Energy Physics
6   Analytic Functional Bootstrap for CFTs in $d>1$
 Miguel Paulos
Journal of High Energy Physics
7   Lie Algebra Fermions
 Jan Troost
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical
8   Spectral action in matrix form
 Ali H. Chamseddine, John Iliopoulos, Walter D. van Suijlekom
European Physical Journal C: Particles and Fields
9   Twisted String Theory in Anti-de Sitter Space
 Songyuan Li, Jan Troost
Journal of High Energy Physics
10   Published for SISSA by Springer Analytic functional bootstrap for CFTs in d > 1
 Miguel F. Paulos
Journal of High Energy Physics
11   Distributions in CFT. Part I. Cross-ratio space
 Petr Kravchuk, Jiaxin Qiao, Slava Rychkov
12   Liouville Quantum Gravity
 Songyuan Li, Nicolaos Toumbas, Jan Troost
Nuclear Physics B
13   Energy Reflection and Transmission at 2D Holographic Interfaces
 Constantin P. Bachas, Shira Chapman, Dongsheng Ge, Giuseppe Policastro
Physical Review Letters
14   Spontaneous Conformal Symmetry Breaking in Fishnet CFT
 Georgios K. Karananas, Vladimir Kazakov, Mikhail Shaposhnikov
Physics Letters B
15   Double-Scaling Limit in the Principal Chiral Model: A New Noncritical String?
 Vladimir Kazakov, Evgeny Sobko, Konstantin Zarembo
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16   Duality and hidden equilibrium in transport models
 Rouven Frassek, Cristian Giardina, Jorge Kurchan
SciPost Physics
17   Pure and Twisted Holography
 Songyuan Li, Jan Troost
Journal of High Energy Physics
18   The Topological Symmetric Orbifold
 Songyuan Li, Jan Troost
Journal of High Energy Physics
19   Deligne Categories in Lattice Models and Quantum Field Theory, or Making Sense of $O(N)$ Symmetry with Non-integer $N$
 Damon J. Binder, Slava Rychkov
Journal of High Energy Physics
20   Small-time expansion of the Fokker–Planck kernel for space and time dependent diffusion and drift coefficients
 Adel Bilal
21   Three-point functions at strong coupling in the BMN limit
 Benjamin Basso, De-Liang Zhong
Journal of High Energy Physics
22   3D Ising Model: a view from the Conformal Bootstrap Island
 Slava Rychkov
Comptes Rendus. Physique
23   Oscillator realisations associated to the D-type Yangian: Towards the operatorial Q-system of orthogonal spin chains
 Rouven Frassek
Nuclear Physics B
24   Random Field Ising Model and Parisi-Sourlas supersymmetry. Part I. Supersymmetric CFT
 Apratim Kaviraj, Slava Rychkov, Emilio Trevisani
Journal of High Energy Physics