Our research group is studying the properties of diamond colored centers and their use in experiments involving the coupling of spins with mechanical modes of levitating objects.

The colored centers are point defects in the carbon matrix of  diamond. The electronic levels of these defects are well within the band gap (a few electron-volts) of diamond, which gives NV centers a very high photo-stability.

In addition, the negatively charged state of the nitrogen-vacancy center, the NV- center (for Nitrogen-Vacancy center) has a purely magnetic spin triplet in the ground state that can be polarized and read-out optically at ambient conditions.

This property makes it possible to control “diamond magnetism” and, for example, to exert forces on levitating particles.


Laboratoire de physique
de l’Ecole normale supérieure
24 rue Lhomond 75005 PARIS
From left to right: Louis Nicolas (currently post-doc in M. Afzelius’s group), Joachim Leibold, Paul Huillery (Post-doc), Clément Pellet-Mary, Maxime Perdriat (doctoral students), Gabriel Hétet and Tom Delord (post-doc in Carlos Mériles’ group).


Last publications :
  • Spin-cooling of the motion of a trapped diamond,
    T Delord, P Huillery, L Nicolas, G Hétet
    Nature 580 (7801), 56-59 (2020)
  • Spin-mechanics with levitating ferromagnetic particles
    P Huillery, T Delord, L Nicolas, M Van Den Bossche, M Perdriat, G Hétet
    Physical Review B 101 (13), 134415 (2020)

Curriculum Vitae

Situation actuelle
  • Maitre de conférence à l’ENS.
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Research interests

  • Centres colorés du diamant
  • Spin-mechanique

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